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Tree Pruning

The Arborist personnel at JC Tree Service specializes in helping our customers upkeep their properties tree care and maintenance throughout the dormmate and blooming seasons. Our arborist guide homeowners, property managers, and business owners through the essential process of cultivating proper pruning, shaping, thinning, clipping and trimming. It is the responsibility of our arborists to ensure that your trees stay healthy and in immaculate condition. The National Arbor Day Foundation recommends Health and Safety checkups to identify and eradicate possible hazards that can cause damage to other trees, fences or even your home. Our arborist analyze four major areas on the tree: branches, roots, leaves and the trunk in order to target the issues that need addressed.

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Tree care is a critical aspect to maintaining the life of mature trees on your property, which includes: eliminating dead branches, diseased limbs, and shaping the overall structure. Pruning is essential when trying to restrict tree growth; if certain trees have several branches that hang over the roof of a building, fence or garage. An experienced arborist can train that tree to either grow in a different direction or restrict the growth in that area. We will hone in on the solution that best resolves the current problem. Pruning often increases the foliage or stems of the tree and or quality of flowers.

Pruning can technically be completed at many points throughout all seasons, however most species have a recommended trimming and shaping time frame, to find out the right time to trim the trees on your properties visit our Species page.

Using proper equipment is a critical part of ensuring a successfully completed job; JC Tree Service has the equipment necessary to complete any job, big or small. JC Tree Service arborists are trained using the latest industry standards and are fully equipped with the tools required to tackle any form of tree care such as: pruning, shaping, thinning, crown reduction and directional trimming.


Using a professional arborist to remove trees from your property is not only highly recommended it should be mandatory. A tree removal should not be completed without a highly trained arborist professional, the results of the tree removal can turn into a dangerous and or life-threatening situation. 

The arborist personnel at JC Tree Service are highly trained to identify hazardous tree conditions on any property. Numerous circumstances can arise that warrant the removal of a tree, issues such as splitting of the trunk, diseases common to individual species of trees, placement of a structurally dangerous tree, damage from a storm, prevention from building or adding new structures to a property line. JC Tree Service has the proper equipment required to safely remove any size project including an aerial lift which allows us to access any project regardless of height or location on a property.


Our goal at JC Tree Service is to maintain all tree care at your business, property, or home. When you select us for your arborist needs, we will advise you on storm damage prevention. We want to help you avoid costly casualties caused by severe ice or thunderstorms. Our arborists advise our clients on, proper tree care such as: trimming, thinning and the removal of dead limbs so that we combat emergency situations, that may potentially arise during severe weather. However, we do understand that even with our prevention technics, mishaps can occur day or night because of the harsh Midwest weather. Our response team of arborist knows how crucial reaction times are during crisis situations. Should a problem come up that requires immediate attention, we have staff prepared to step in and handle the unexpected hazards.


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