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About Us

JC Tree Service is a family owned arboricultural company providing prompt, safe, reliable tree care and maintenance. We are a fast growing, dependable, Midwest arborist company offering competitive pricing with a friendly smile. JC Tree Service is available to aid the arboricultural needs of customers in the Kansas City and surrounding areas. The foundation of our company is built on quality service at an affordable price. JC Tree Service has accessible, trained and experienced arborist personnel ready to stop by your business, home, or rental properties to offer free consultations and estimates for the task at hand. We analyze a broad range of issues such as: the overall health of the trees, annual pruning maintenance, storm or property damage prevention, low hanging branches, and tree removal. After our arborist complete the inspection process of the trees on our clients’ property, the arborist then presents our clients with an educated and affordable recommendation.
JC Tree Service believes that by: listening to the customer, making an informed suggestion and following through with quality work in turn produce 100% customer satisfaction. We do not overcharge for unnecessary work, we want to tackle your immediate arboricultural requirements for the safety of your property and the health of your trees.


Tree Pruning

The Arborist personnel at JC Tree Service specializes in helping our customers upkeep their properties tree care and maintenance throughout the dormmate and blooming seasons. Our arborist guide...

 Tree Removal

Using a professional arborist to remove trees from your property is not only highly recommended it should be mandatory. A tree removal should not be completed without a highly trained arborist professional...

Emergency Storm Response

Our goal at JC Tree Service is to maintain all tree care at your business, property, or home. When you select us for your arborist needs, we will advise you on storm damage prevention. We want to help you avoid costly casualties caused by severe ice or thunderstorms.



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